Child Models

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

1. Submit photos of your kiddo during prime scouting time.

Every spring Dallas modeling agency’s present a marketing piece to clients who book kids for paid modeling jobs. This marketing piece includes all of the kids they have available for hire. Its important they have children who are the right size in all ethnicities available for their clients. Planning and scouting for the marketing piece generally begins in November. At that time agents look at their current roster of child models and figure out what gaps need to be filled. If you are thinking about submitting your child to an agent you can do so at any time, but November and December are peak scouting months.

2. Make it easy for agents to see what your child looks like.

It’s very simple, but so many parents get it wrong. Submit a minimum of 2 photos. The first one should be up close so the eyes, nose and mouth are clearly visible. The 2nd photo should be full length while the child is wearing form fitting clothing. Both photos should be shot straight on. It’s a good idea to submit at least one photo where the child is smiling. Fill the frame when shooting the photos and make sure they are in focus. You can definitely submit more than 2 photos but make sure you include these 2 basic shots.

3. Give agents complete information.

If you don’t include all of the information agents need to make a decision there is a good chance they are going to be too busy to call you and the photos will end up in a pile on their desk. Its important you keep information to the agent short and to the point. Gushing about your child is sweet, but not necessary and is time consuming for the person reading your letter. Being respectful of an agents time and making their job as easy as possible is very much appreciated.

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