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My name is Rick Birt.
I Specialize in Fashion Photography, Portraits, and Fashion-inspired Boudoir (I prefer to call it “Beauty”).

Romeo Bravo comes from the phonetic alphabet (used in the military and aviation) for my initials.

As a model, I was always drawn to the classic and dramatic photos created by iconic photographers like Bruce Weber and Ellen Von Unwerth. This is where I developed my creative style. After retiring from the Marines, I started helping my wife, Kelly Williams, in her photography business. I started photographing some of her clients and received positive feedback from modeling agencies across the country. I guess being an expert marksman in the Marines developed my shooting eye 😉 So, with the guidance of my wife – a 25-year professional photographer- I have been ‘shooting’ ever since.

Here are a few facts about me:

-Born and raised in Canada

-Modeled in Milan, NY, Miami, Dallas, and Toronto

-Served in the US Marines as a Jet Pilot

-Mentored by my wife Kelly Williams

-Now living in Dallas, TX

Romeo Bravo Photo is owned by a U.S. Combat Veteran with Service-connected disability ratings. Use of my company as a vendor serves to comply with the Federal Veterans Benefits Act of 2003—Sec. 308. (JP.O. 108-183)