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Jessica Zahn Gibson – Owner & Designated Broker of Commercial Investment Advisors, Inc.

Q:  Please describe CIA Brokerage Company in one sentence. 
A:  A commercial real estate brokerage firm built on a backbone of integrity and providing white glove execution to clientele nationwide.
Q: How did you find the courage/motivation to embark on your career path? 
A:  I had the rare gift of knowing what I wanted to do with my career from an early age. It was much easier to establish a path to my goals when I knew exactly what they were while I was still in high school. I was motivated by parents who didn’t have anything to give, other than love and support. At 21 years old, I wasn’t afraid of being the only female agent in an office with 35 men and applying a fresh perspective on brokerage. 

Q:  What are your top 2 strategies for promoting your personal brand to help your business? 
A:  1)     Face-to-Face Meetings 2)   Showcasing my expertise through a proven track-record
Q:  How has branding helped you to achieve your business goals? 
A:  Based on our firm’s level of achievement, we have a name that people recognize. I didn’t want to use my name in the brand, I wanted the firm to belong to everyone who worked with us. We have a brand that we can all relate to and are proud of what we have built together.

Q:  What does the future hold for CIA? 
A:  We are a growing company that will see many new faces in the coming years.  We want to see our team reach their individual goals and we want to provide a level of brokerage and service that helps our clients meet their financial objectives

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