Model Test Photography

I began shooting the beautiful fashion and lifestyle models from The Kim Dawson Agency as soon as I moved to Dallas, TX in 2005. It was hard work, but it was fun, extremely creative and I met some fabulous models. This week I was able to catch up with one of my favorite Kim Dawson models, Veda. Veda has an exotic beauty I absolutely love. Standing at 5’9″ she not only has a long slender body, gorgeous almond shaped eyes and beautiful full lips, Veda is also really great at her job. Her graceful movements in front of the camera are one of the many reasons I get great shots of Veda over and over again.

All images were shot with natural light using a silver reflector for fill.

Hair and make up artist: Rey Medrano, owner of Beauty Dish Studios

Photography assistant/Intern: Krystel Pitts

Wardrobe Styling and Photography: Kelly Williams

Commercial Portrait & Fashion Photographer At Kelly Williams Photography
Kelly is an esteemed commercial portrait and fashion photographer based in Dallas, Texas. With 25 years experience, she has provided awe-inspiring photography for countless business professionals, models, actors and entertainers for websites, social media, and marketing collateral. Her core focus is to help her clients level up through exceptional brand imaging.