What should I wear

“I am a woman in business. Do I need a professional headshot? What should I wear to look my best?”

The quick answer is yes; you do need one. In fact, you should also probably consider a full portrait session. The reasons and how to look your best in these photographs are what make up the longer answer.

Most professional roles in today’s digital world require an attractive and engaging headshot.

Business Woman Headshot | Business Headshot Wardrobe for Women

Womens business headshot


Because your headshot is used in so many different places, it is seen by a lot of people. A good headshot is, therefore, your first introduction in many cases. It will be how clients identify you and may also dictate their first reaction to you and your business.

From your headshot alone, they may decide whether they want to do business with you. If you are going to put your best foot forward, a professional headshot is a place to begin.

Photo shoot Hair and makeup artist  | Business Headshot Wardrobe for Women

Professional Hair and Makeup Artist

If you have any concerns about grooming, I have an on-set hair and makeup artist available, who specializes in knowing what looks good on camera. It is really nice to have someone with a wealth of experience there to make adjustments as needed.

For the best presentation, clothing and grooming are the two most important factors. In this photograph, your face is where you want attention focused. So your clothing is important, but it should not take attention away from your face. Instead, it should complement your face. With the proper clothing, your face commands the attention it deserves and your clothing becomes secondary.

Wardrobe Considerations

Remember; this is about image, credibility, and charisma. It is about looking the part as a professional. How do you want to be perceived? You should probably project an image that can be seen as appealing yet powerful, representing strength without being overbearing. You want to appear confident but not arrogant.

Corporate Portrait | Business Headshot Wardrobe for Women

Professional Woman Portrait


Women | Business Headshot Wardrobe for Women's photo shoot wardrobe

Photo shoot wardrobe

Feel free to bring a few wardrobe options. I am more than happy to help you choose once you get to the studio. Having a professional photo that is representative of your best “you” will speak volumes about you and your business. I would love to help you with this.  If you are overwhelmed with the thought of choosing photo shoot wardrobe or you just don’t have time, I can hire a professional stylist who will shop and return unwanted items for you. The stylist will be on set to steam and pin and adjust wardrobe while you are shooting.

Tastes and styles do change. But classic is always in style. That’s why it’s called classic. It has been judged over a period of time to represent the highest quality and most acceptable appearance to the greatest number of people.

Business woman portrait | Business Headshot Wardrobe for Women

Portrait of Professional Woman


How you wish to present your feminine nature is a personal choice. You can accentuate it or de-emphasize it with either a dress or a business suit, or go for something in between.

Blogger marketing portrait | Business Headshot Wardrobe for Women

Amy Vanderhoef PR Portrait


Daytime business dresses and blouses are very popular these days. If you wish to wear a suit jacket, I suggest you go with a colored jacket and a collarless neutral top underneath. As far as color, choose what you look best in, perhaps echoing your eye color. Solid colored jewel tone tops work best. Earth tones are also popular. And blue is a color that looks good on almost everyone. If you want to wear a jacket, I would avoid black. It sometimes looks too hard in photos.


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