Actor Headshot Wardrobe Recommendations

Color blue meanings | Actor Head Shot Wardrobe

Shades of blue

When selecting wardrobe colors start by figuring out the colors that best compliment your eye color, hair color, and skin tone. You may already have a good idea of what these colors are but I recommend researching color a bit further.

Blue, for example, is a very popular color. It seems to look great on almost everyone. In the example below, you will see that different shades and intensity levels can completely change the persona of your photo.

light colored wardrobe for headshots | Actor Head Shot Wardrobe


If you have a light complexion, be cautious of yellow, green and orange, these colors usually look best on darker skin tones. Pastels have a tendency to wash people out. I would only recommend pastels for people with bright white skin however if you feel like these colors are flattering on you, look for a slightly more intense version of the pastel.

Light natural colors such as beige, white and grey can give your photos a crisp classic appeal.

Natural colors for head shots | Actor Head Shot Wardrobe

Neutral Colors

I love the look of vibrant and happy jewel tones in commercial headshots. Using color is a great way to add personality to your shot. Jewel tones are also a great way to compliment your eye color.

Deep rich colors create a bit more of a subdued feel in photos. I tend to choose these colors for theatrical headshots. Neutrals like chocolate, navy, maroon and forest green are great choices for a softer feel. The somber feel of black is also a popular choice. Personally, I like deep colors and feel they add a bit more interest to your photo.

Primary colors for headshots | Actor Head Shot Wardrobe

Bright Colors

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