Your face is your brand

Establishing an effective brand is paramount for a business. Brand is the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” Some brands are more financially successful than others are, but all brands resonate in the hearts of customers. Customers naturally gravitate toward businesses they “know.” There is no better way to display the personality of your business than your face, as a business portrait individualizes a company. The moment a business sets up residence in someone’s heart, you have a loyal customer for life. A business portrait will make that happen!

My name is Kelly Williams, owner and operator of Kelly Williams Photography in Dallas, Texas. One of my specialties is business portraiture. If you are involved in a business of any kind and do not have a business portrait, I strongly suggest you consider getting one. If you do have one, but it has not been updated in years, I strongly suggest you update it. What will a client say when they finally meet you, especially if your portrait is vastly different from how you look in real life? They may feel as if you misled them. That is no way to start any relationship, let alone a business one. Regardless of the circumstances, avoid potential awkwardness and get or update that business portrait!

A business portrait that does not impress is no business portrait at all, and the business will suffer. If interested in having your portrait taken, and are in Dallas area, contact me today!

Remember – your face is a brand!

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Commercial Portrait & Fashion Photographer At Kelly Williams Photography
Kelly is an esteemed commercial portrait and fashion photographer based in Dallas, Texas. With 25 years experience, she has provided awe-inspiring photography for countless business professionals, models, actors and entertainers for websites, social media, and marketing collateral. Her core focus is to help her clients level up through exceptional brand imaging.